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Established in 2013 we have become the principal of choice for many professionals

Our Services

  • Whole of Market Panel
  • Market-Leading Technology
  • Bespoke Business Development
  • Compliance & Regulatory Support
  • Personalised Development Plan
  • Bespoke Website & Branding
  • Allocate Account Manager
  • 'Achieve CAS' Training

Building partnerships that last whilst helping businesses thrive.

The Dragon Network began life in the insurance market, providing robust systems and compliance support to contact centres and brokers who offered general insurance and protection products.

With our expertise, we helped them to grow and succeed. Insurance providers knew that when they dealt with an Appointed Representative of The Dragon Network, they could rest assured about the quality of business and be confident that compliance was to the highest standard.

We became the Principal of choice for insurance professionals, providing exceptional, bespoke compliance support to a range of contact centres, no matter what their size or how many agents they had.

In 2019, we became a mortgage and protection network, attracting firms who want a more personalised service and the freedom to retain their own identity under our protective network umbrella.

We believe that one of the reasons we’ve done so well is that we listen and understand. We know the frustrations that brokers have when it comes to other networks – lack of support for trainees, difficult and dated systems, time-consuming processes, compliance that gets in the way of business – and we make sure we avoid these pitfalls.

We want to be the best network out there, so we continue to forge partnerships with innovative insurers, lenders and technology providers to make sure that our members are ready to face new challenges and meet new opportunities as they arise.

So far, it’s been an exciting journey and we’re looking forward to what the future holds as we grow and thrive along with our members.

We hope you’ll come with us and be a part of our story.

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Why Choose Us?

If your ambition is to become a mortgage adviser with a thriving and prosperous business, then we’re here to help. We’ll support you every step of the way – from getting your qualifications through to achieving Competent Adviser Status, and beyond.

Our panel is made up of some of the best banks, building societies, specialist lenders and insurance providers on the market. There’s something for every client – which means better outcomes for them, and more business for you.

You’ll have access to our bespoke sales and client management systems. Efficient and easy to use, sales go through quickly and smoothly – which means better service for your clients and better use of your time.

Your dedicated account manager will give you everything you need to achieve your immediate and long-term goals – whether that’s marketing campaigns and lead generation to reach new clients and become more profitable, networking to find new partners, products and services, or strategic planning to grow and future-proof your business.

Great customer outcomes, profitable sales, and good compliance go hand in hand. Practical and pragmatic compliance is factored seamlessly into our sales processes. Our team of experts will keep you informed about any regulatory changes and help you apply them – meaning your clients get the best outcomes, you stay up to date, and your business stays on the right side of the regulator.

We’ll provide ongoing training to meet your needs, whether that’s to sharpen your sales skills, develop your technical knowledge, or gain additional qualifications so you can offer more services to your clients.

We can help and support you build a website and personalised branding. From leaflets and business cards, to a fully functioning website and an online presence.


We’ll help you to grow and flourish at a pace that suits you. We believe in sustainable growth and quality over volume sales.


We’ll work in partnership with you. We’ll help you build your business, but we’ll never tell you how to run it. We’ll offer guidance, make suggestions, and provide support, but you’ll always be in control.


We’ll keep you, your business and your clients safe. We’ll deal with the regulators, leaving you to focus on meeting clients, writing business, and providing value.


We’ll provide friendly, collaborative and personalised network services. Your business has its own unique identity and we’ll respect that and treat you like an individual.

Start your journey as a self-employed mortgage & protection advisor today. It's time to take control.

Let's arrange a quick call to run through our proposition to discuss how your future could look for you as a member of The Dragon Network.

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Thomas Regan, Mortgage Advisor

Brilliant communication from Dragon Network from the start. Really good support in helping me get set up with the network as a new advisor and complete the training. Chris Thomas my network support manager is always in touch and easy to talk to when I need some assistance or advice.

(The Mortgage Community)

Arash Shabibi, Mortgage Advisor

Only been on board with Dragon for a few months as a newly qualified broker and their help and support has been excellent. I am now able to expand and place more business.

Support at Dragon is second to none, the team are friendly and helpful with all business queries.

(A&A Financial Services)