Our members have the option of using our private medical insurance (PMI) panel to help their clients access high-quality private medical facilities and medical treatments.

PMI popularity has increased in recent years and plays an important role in helping fund the cost of early diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions. This could be anything from a few sessions of physiotherapy to more complex procedures such as major heart surgery or biological therapy for the treatment of cancer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PMI is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for acute conditions. An acute condition is a disease, illness or injury that is likely to respond quickly to treatment and return someone to the state of health they were in before, or lead to a full recovery.

It doesn’t usually cover treatment of long-term (chronic) conditions, where the main aim is to keep the symptoms under control, these are still treated within the National Health Service (NHS). PMI won’t cover any pre-existing conditions that you may have when taking out a plan.

For the majority of claims, medical treatment begins with a general practitioners (GP) referral for specialist treatment. This can either be a GP through the NHS or private. Any onward treatment is managed by working closely with your private medical insurer, to ensure that you have quick and easy access to the right medical treatment.