Following your conversations with the team, here are the Seven Steps to Joining The Dragon Network

  1. Submit your application form and supporting documentation.
  2. We’ll review your application and carry out some basic suitability checks.
  3. After that, we’ll make you a commercial offer, based on your firm’s size, type of business and experience.
  4. Once we’ve all agreed to the terms, we’ll carry out more formal and in-depth due diligence.
  5. If everything looks good, we’ll make you a formal offer to join the Dragon Network.
  6. Once the contracts have been signed, you’ll start the onboarding process, where: • we’ll finalise your FCA authorisation. • you’ll meet your dedicated Account Manager. • we’ll set up your agencies and system registrations. • you’ll complete your mandatory training.
  7. And that’s it! You’ll start trading as part of the Dragon Family.

Why Choose Us?

If your ambition is to become a mortgage adviser with a thriving and prosperous business, then we’re here to help. We’ll support you every step of the way – from getting your qualifications through to achieving Competent Adviser Status, and beyond.

Our panel is made up of some of the best banks, building societies, specialist lenders and insurance providers on the market. There’s something for every client – which means better outcomes for them, and more business for you.

You’ll have access to our bespoke sales and client management systems. Efficient and easy to use, sales go through quickly and smoothly – which means better service for your clients and better use of your time.

Your dedicated account manager will give you everything you need to achieve your immediate and long-term goals – whether that’s marketing campaigns and lead generation to reach new clients and become more profitable, networking to find new partners, products and services, or strategic planning to grow and future-proof your business.

Great customer outcomes, profitable sales, and good compliance go hand in hand. Practical and pragmatic compliance is factored seamlessly into our sales processes. Our team of experts will keep you informed about any regulatory changes and help you apply them – meaning your clients get the best outcomes, you stay up to date, and your business stays on the right side of the regulator.

We’ll provide ongoing training to meet your needs, whether that’s to sharpen your sales skills, develop your technical knowledge, or gain additional qualifications so you can offer more services to your clients.

We can help and support you build a website and personalised branding. From leaflets and business cards, to a fully functioning website and an online presence.


We’ll help you to grow and flourish at a pace that suits you. We believe in sustainable growth and quality over volume sales.


We’ll work in partnership with you. We’ll help you build your business, but we’ll never tell you how to run it. We’ll offer guidance, make suggestions, and provide support, but you’ll always be in control.


We’ll keep you, your business and your clients safe. We’ll deal with the regulators, leaving you to focus on meeting clients, writing business, and providing value.


We’ll provide friendly, collaborative and personalised network services. Your business has its own unique identity and we’ll respect that and treat you like an individual.